Dec 11, 2009

shots, moms & high school musical

Yesterday didn't go exactly as planned. I didn't get to go to downtown to get the m&ms for my cousin but I did get to get sandals at aldo for around $15 along with shoes that were like $4 cus of my cousins spc card. Oh! and I also got the skirt that I wanted from Wal-Mart which got reduced to $9!! Awesome! The only bad part to my day was that I had to go to the doctors to finally get the h1n1 shot. I hate shots! Now my whole right arm is sore and the place where the needle went in has a huge mosquito bite loooking bump.

So far, today hasn't been that good of a day. Aside from watching Jack starring Robin Williams (one of my favourite movies). I woke up late.. (like always) and my mom got pissed because we weren't able to get to Langara before the Registrars office closed. I thought it closed at 6 like the other days. So she's bitching and bitching but in my mind all I could think was "what's the point?" Yes okay, you can get mad, bitch until your nipples fall off but really.. It doesn't change anything. Bitching wont change the past will it? I don't mean to sound like a disrespectful child, on good days my mom and I are best friends, but unless whatever you're bitching about (not just towards my mom but towards all situations with all types of people) proposes a solution, then I don't see a point.

Well, I can hear my cousins are playing with the Disney Sing It on the wii maybe singing some High School Musical will turn my day around.

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