Feb 19, 2010

40 days

i realized i haven't even touched on lent! i'm kind of behind on my sacrifice for 40 days... ash wednesday was yesterday, well technically 2 days ago now (since it's 1:30am).

so i've been thinking long and hard and haven't really come up with a for sure thing to give up. i feel so ungrateful though because i keep changing what i want to give up because i don't feel like i could handle 40 days without what ever i think of. (sorry =(!!!! ) i thought maybe giving up make up... but i know how insecure i'd feel.. which is horrible. or giving up all drinks minus water and iced tea but it'll be my 19th birthday right........... i'm a horrible catholic =(

k so... it's down to no carbonated beverages & no eating out =( Lord knows i love to eat out!!! so it's a definite sacrifice for me. i wont even be allowed to eat out on my birthday this year... (good friday) it's okay. yes i've made my decision.

wish me luck!

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