Feb 18, 2010


i wana get my shit together. school, life, $$$-wise.. i feel like a dumbass for spending money that is supposed to be going to my studies on nights out with my friends. i need to get my priorities straight. i'm in dire need of a job but i'm obviously not going to get once if i'm not applying anywhere. since seeing valentines day.. i think being an adult phone entertainer sounds like good money... heheheh. jk.

i gotta work harder in school, especially in bio. i'm planning to study/ catch up during these 2 weeks i have off. i wish my memory weren't so horrible... maybe then i'd be able to get this stuff to stick in my brain.

life............. yea i gotta fix my life. i'm happy but lots of little things are blahblahblah. no need for emo post #10001.

i have this idea of the woman i want to be but right now, she seems like such an unattainable dream right now. i want to make it a reality. wish me luck.

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