Mar 28, 2010

you learn something new everyday

and i guess it really is true that you'll never really understand anybody's struggle but your own. no matter how close you are, even if they're your own blood.

i've known this guy since he was born, we pretty much grew up together we were each others siblings that we never had. i've seen him grow, mature and go through the awkward years of puberty. as we got older and made our own set of friends we drifted apart. i still tried to be the older sister to him by helping him pick out what to and what not to wear, giving him rides when i could and telling him if the shit he posted on his screen names were too sappy. all really external stuff tho, i failed to check up on him emotionally.

recently, i heard so many stories about him questionning why his mom was always so mad at him or why she never asked him how he was doing in school. it pained me to have to realize the fact that behind his cool calm exterior my brother was hurting. i don't know what to do.......

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