Apr 10, 2010

full of grace

i had a dream i was getting the most beautiful virgin mary tattoo i've seen in my life on my forearm. actually, i don't ever really remember focussing on tattoos of the virgin mary but seeing it in my dream left me in awe.

i googled tattoos of the virgin mary and i couldn't find any like the one in my dream.

i've been sure of what tatts i've wanted for a year now the only problem is that i dont have the $$$ to actually go through with it. now i'm thinking that i want to get a piece done of the virgin mary. all that she symbolizes is everything i aim to be. pure, humble, ready & willing. she was such a humble woman so graceful in everything she did. just thinking about it amazes me.

i checked out my forearm when i woke up tho and it isn't big enough for a nice piece =(

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