Apr 8, 2010

my first action towards becoming a better person: give without expecting anything in return

gona try to make this short & sweet cus if i don't i might fall asleep on the keyboard.

tonight one of my good friends suggested that we both send text messages to people we haven't spoken to in a while to let them know that we missed them. i never knew how amazing it would feel to do something so simple. i ended up sending 12 text messages, and whether i get replies tomorrow or not, i'll feel good knowing i told someone how i felt instead of waiting until the time was too late.

i know that the stubborn me would have said something like "they already know how i feel" but regardless of whether they do or don't know, sometimes people just need to hear it.

good night!


germME said...

i would like this if i could, but i forgot i can't haha

stacks. said...

This is such a good idea, i'm sure people i've drifted away from have at some point wondered if i cared or still do care.