Apr 17, 2010

my second action towards becoming a better person: say yes

for as long as i could remember i've always wanted things to go my way or not go at all. the mindset of an only child that i'm trying to get out of.. but living a certain way for 19 years then suddenly deciding to switch it up takes a lot of patience.

all i've ever been saying is no. no i don't want to do it your way. no i'm the one who's always right. no, you're crazy...... etcetc. always the same thing: no no no. (if i didn't say no i'd subliminally persuade the person into doing things my way.)

but i need to grow up and realize that things wont always go my way and that i'm not always right. i need to start saying yes. yes even though i don't agree i will try to see things in a different light, yes i'll do you a favour, yes okay yes.........

yes is such a positive word compared to no. even the way you say it makes a huge difference. no, though only two letters and one syllable, it can sound so cruel but with yes.. my mouth ends up forming a smile.

my goal is to keep saying yes and to stay positive!

1 comment:

cas said...

would you like to come jump off a bridge with me?

..you can't say yes to everything ;)
but i feel you girl <3 haha