Jun 7, 2010

Day 2 — Your Crush

(kinda early in the morning but i'm up with nothing to do (i really should study) but i feel like doing this first and studying later on today. btw, i'm just babbling in this post if it doesn't make sense.. i'm blaming it on the time haha.)

can't really write a letter to my crush, cus bluntly putting it, i haven't met anyone that has got me on that cloud 9/ i get so weak in the knees i can hardly speak type feeling... tho i wish i could.. i think. sometimes i feel like i like the idea of wanting the relationship more than wanting the relationship itself. loonytunes.. i know.

i'm not picky either. (i have a draft about this topic specifically, i'll post it up when i finish it off.) i just really haven't found anyone. i guess i'm mostly to blame cus i'm not putting myself out there and trying to make new friends. i like the friends i'm with.. trying to make new ones would feel like friend cheating.. or something. but i'm not about to date any of my guy friends cus that would be weeeeiird. it's a definite no-no for me.

i guess a word to my future crush, who i have yet to meet, i hope you're a chill guy with a good sense of humour cus it's the guys with the funnies that get the hunnies. hahah.

k i'm lame.

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