Jun 7, 2010

don't sit next to me during a test

i'm such a horrible person to sit beside during a test. my friend told me this last term but i disregarded it cus i thought she was over reacting haha.

but today during my midterm i always caught myself sighing, pouting (with sound.. hahaha), and worst of all.. swearing! every time i screwed up there would be at least one filthy word that came out of my mouth. see.. i'm not as big as a potty mouth as i was back in grade 8/9ish but anyone who takes a test beside me would think otherwise.

oh but it's not only when i screw up that i make noises. when i figured the last question, all you could hear from the back of the room was a loud whispered (oxymoron? haha) "yessssssssssssssssssss! yes!!!!!!!!!!!!"

luckily for me, the guy beside me had the same test taking condition :)

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