Jun 27, 2010

staring filipinos

i don't get why they do it. i've noticed that the older filipino women like to just stare, not even discreetly, they don't give a fuck if they're discreet.. they just stare.

when i went to the church in the philippines a couple months ago i felt like i was being stared down to death by these people. i think it's so rude! i mean i look at people sometimes because i like what they wear or i think they're cute but i do it like a ninja.. but it makes me wonder is there something wrong with me?!
am i too tall?
my hair too long?
my thighs too thick?
my face too beautiful....... hahaha jk.

and again today, i went with my cousin to a filipino restaurant down the street from my house to get some halo halo and this lady.. my goodness... she was not discreet about it at all. from outside the window down to my seat in the restaurant, she would not stop staring. i felt like some kind of alien with three tits. wth man.

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