Jun 27, 2010

welcome back.. and home.

a year ago, before my birthday, ate ritchell announced that she was pregnant. we were ecstatic. we loved the thought of a new baby in our lives and jarell being an older brother, the smile on his face told us the same but..

just as he knew you were coming, he knew just as well that you left. (click above to go back to a post from a year ago)

we were left confused and broken, no words could fill the void the baby's passing left us with but somehow, i was sure we'd meet again.

half a year later, ate ritchell gave us amazing news.. she was pregnant again!! this time she took care of herself and the baby as best as she could. she became huge, and kind of started waddling while she walked.. she was that big. she didn't have a mommy glow, but rather, she was beaming. everyone she was around couldn't help but smile with excitement.. we were so excited.

two days ago we were all together like we usually are as a family and i remember saying "wow, ate ritchell, the baby is so big now!" little did we know tonight would be the night. we begged her to let jarell sleep over, we wanted to play with him longer. she called us at 7:30 am saying she was at the hospital. crazy girl even updated her facebook status before leaving her house

Ritchell Untalan sumasakit n tyan ko every 10 mins..malapit n lumabas c bby
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(my tummy hurts every 10 minutes, the baby's coming out soon) LOL!

today i got to meet the little bugger. he is tiny! well not really, but compared to the rest of the kids in the family, i'm not used to seeing something so small!

anyway, congratulations ate ritchell! we love you and baby (no name yet) so much. and yay for you jarell, you're a kuya now!

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OMG that picture is precious