Jul 3, 2010

i want to cry for you

i want to cry for you, i want to let my feelings show for you, i want to hug those you have drifted so far away from so tight for you. i want to do it all for you because i know that you can't bring up the courage will to do it yourself. i see so desperately that you want to be a part of our lives but you can't. you're scared you're tired of the arguments. you're sick of fighting in circles for what you know is right.

so you pretend..

you pretend like it's okay to drift away from blood, you pretend like it's okay to miss birthday parties, family gatherings, even simple dinners that you so desperately want to be at. you can pretend, but your eyes tell me the opposite.

and your eyes tell me so much more than that you want to cry, they tell me you want to smile, you want to enjoy seeing your son growing up with us, your eyes tell me you want to live but you're tired, you're sick of it, you're ashamed.

you're afraid to show that you're weak but hey.. so am i, and so is he, so is she, so is everyone else in the world and it's alright.

but since you wont do it yourself, i will cry for you, draw my tears for you, i'll release the pain and bitter feelings you've kept hidden for so many years just for you. though you may not know i see your pain, i want to relieve you of it even if it's just for a day, a minute, a second. i want you to live freely, happily, absolved from any limits he's set for you. you were born to be a free spirit, and that's all i want for you. i love you.

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