Jul 4, 2010


today was my first time going to church on a sunday in a while. i couldn't help but drift off into mental space during the homily. i thought of a conversation with my friends i had last night. i wondered whether i was the heart breaker or heart breakee. i think so far i'm pretty even, so.. neither. then i thought about last canada day, yea.. things have changed. then my tummy ached, i was so hungry. then the priest practically yelled..

"If God doesn’t judge anyone before judgement day, why do we?"

i was speechless.. in my head. (thoughtless?) like my nephew watching the backyardigans i was in awe, unable to move, blown out of my mind. wow.

i shook myself out of my confused state and thought: i am a person so unbelievably quick to judge, it's ridiculous.. but why? why do i do it? why is it so natural for me to see someone and have an automatic opinion on how they look/act/speak? why?! damn.. i don't want to be such a negative person. maybe i'll go to church more often..

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