Jul 8, 2010

it's okay to say no

(my last post was a little melodramatic, but that's what happens to my mind when i'm up at 6 am. i'm cool tho.)

i must have said it a million times this week but i don't like the club scene. my friends look at me as if i'm a major kill joy but i just don't like it. i'd rather stay in with a couple of friends and a couple cheesy movies.. or go to the casino. haha. having guys i don't know rubbing their little timmies against my ass and spending a shit load of money on a night i wont remember isn't all that appealing to me.

but that's just me.


germME said...

i dig

aalegro said...

i feel the same way... i've only been twice and i turned 19 in march =| it's only fun with good people.