Jul 24, 2010

thoughts at 4:25AM

although i'd love to be asleep in my bed with newly changed sheets and comfy pillows i'll have to hold off on the count of SKUNK!!! it smells so bad that i know that even trying to sleep would be a waste of time. smells so bad, even kylie can smell it and she lives far down the street.. like really far.

my thoughts as of late:
i regret not going to the workshop.......
i miss dancing and meeting brian puspos, pat lam, mark & brian funcanan would have been awesome too.

i want to travel
i just want to get out of vancouver. although breath taking, i need a change of scenery.. bellingham and seattle don't count, they're too near.

life after high school is expensive
enough said

i hate being alone while driving. i think too much.

.... i wish this smell would go away so i could sleep already.

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