Aug 16, 2010

10, 9, 8...

so i've decided to start up one of these everyday a new post things i found on tumblr. luckily for me and my impatience this one is only 10 days.

10 things to 10 people
1. i'm here for you
2. that's just the way it is, things will never be the same
3. stop doubting yourself
4. hi
5. i'm sorry
6. i'm a little jealous
7. i used to think you were one of the good ones, oh well
8. know your worth
9. thank you
10. stay forever

sweet and concise

9 things about yourself.
1. i'm easily irritated but i'm working on it
2. i'm shy but it usually comes off as being snobby. i'm actually kind of nice.
3. i hate sleeping over other people's houses (planned or unplanned)
4. i like sleeping almost naked
5. i like to bug my grandma, she's fun company.
6. i have a painted car in my front yard, it attracts too much attention and makes me feel awkward even if the people looking at it can't see me looking at them through my bedroom window. lol.
7. i own a pair of binoculars
8. after my recent haircut i've tried my best not to use heat on my hair. i blow dry with cold air and curl it by putting it into a bun when it's damp then taking it out when it's dry. i'm doing my best not to dry out my hair like before.
9. my favourite chocolate is cadbury's dairy milk fruit and nut

8 ways to win my heart
1. have a plan for your future. i like the whole living in the moment mindset but to a certain point. knowing you have the desire to succeed in life is a lot sexier.
2. write me letters
3. play with my hair
4. have a good sense of humor/ don't be too sensitive
5. be a good friend
6. be family oriented
7. be passionate about something
8. hate to sound sleazy but tease me, i don't want it if it's that easy

i think i might have already done a post about this but oh well.

7 things you think about a lot
1. my future and what i gotta do to get to where i wanna be
2. school
3. $$$
4. music
5. my friend's problems and how i wanna help
6. love.. yea i think about it sometimes
7. my body

6 things you've wished you'd never done
1. scratch my chicken pox
2. hurt people who loved me
3. give up on dance
4. trust you
5. not put a lock on my itouch!!! damnit
6. taken a summer course for a course i already had a good mark in -_-

5 people who mean a lot (in no order whatsoever)
1. mommy
2. lollipop
3. aubbie
4. my 2 nephews
5. melly

4 turn offs
1. i can't stand it when a guy is mean to his mother. whatever the kinda relationship with her, respect her!
2. guys with no direction in life
3. over cheesy/ over sensitive/ over acting guys... yes, i used OA hahaha.
4. lame conversation

3 turn ons
1. good playlist
2. if the guy is funny
3. loves his family

2 smileys that describe your life right now
1. =T ...... that's my oh well smiley
2. -_- ..... that's my bored smiley

1 confession.
i'm afraid of going to the washroom in other people's houses. no matter how badly i have to go, i always check behind the shower curtain before going. i'm not sure exactly what i'm scared of.. but it's something.


aalegro said...

don't wanna stomp all over your 9 things, but a great tip for growing hair faster and stonger: start taking feminine multivitamins, drink a LOT of water, and eat lots of meat (or anything with plenty of protein).


1010 said...

oOo thanks for the tip!