Sep 4, 2010

what i get for living beside a busy road

i hate the sound of a car's horn. beep. honk. whatever. even though i'm safe in my house, in my room, on the bed sheets, under my blanket, head rested on the cooler side of the pillow, for that one second, or two, or three that the driver uses his horn, my heart stops, my body tenses, my throat dries up. i wait for the sound of metal pounding on metal (i don't hope for it) the evil little pessimist in me says it'll happen but when it doesn't.. phew. my chest loosens up and i can breathe again.

then i pray for those drivers to stop being in such a rush all the time. honestly, what is the point? it's okay to be late once in a while. unless you really have to poo... then i guess it's okay to rush a little. jk. haha.

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