Sep 3, 2010

thrown out

hi, i never really stop to think about you but somehow, you popped up. i wish i could say i never thought of your feelings to be disposable but that would be a lie. i didn't really care much for your feelings. i thought we were just having a good time with no regrets. you knew how to work your charm and i guess at that time, i was smitten by it but i think it was the fact that you knew how to work me over, that's what made me forget about you being able to get hurt. i thought to myself: you couldn't get hurt it wasn't possible, you'd bounce back up.. and you did after a while but like a letter crumpled and thrown in the trash, picking it up and straightening out the creases will never get it back to the way it was. so i guess i'll leave it at that. if you ever read my blog here it is: i'm sorry. i'd never say it to you in person, things are fine the way they are. i just wish we could have been friends afterwards.

i kept your letter.

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