Oct 12, 2010

i never knew there was a love like this before

i feel like i'm on a cloud and at the same time i feel like an insane chick. i've been feeling this cloud9/giddy/butterflies shit in my tummy and it feels goOoOod. i'm such a dork for saying this but for some reason i feel like i've fallen in love with life. yea, shit gets tough sometimes but little things so unbelievably beautiful follow and makes it all worth it.

things that make me happy:
- catching up with old friends
- my mom's laugh
- old people holding hands
- babies smiling
- getting letters in the mail

i must be crazy.

1 comment:

aalegro said...

agreed babygirl =)
why spend time on being angry about the small stuff, when we could just be happy with the wonderful blessings that are still with us.