Oct 2, 2010

life & junk

hell week #2 is coming up and tho i'm not completely ready, i'm not stressin' either. i don't know whether to blame my feel-good-feelings on the weather or just life in general. life in general i think.

i've come a long way from the girl i was before and tho i'll miss her over dramatic ways the new (semi-dramatic) me is suiting me just fine. one thing that hasn't changed tho is that i feel like i'm an old lady in a 19 year olds body. my back is always aching!!! my lola uses a cane now, maybe i should too.

apparently jamie lidell is here this weekend! i don't know if i'd spend money to see him in concert cus even tho another day is one of my all time favourite songs.. it's really the only song i know by him. a concert month i'm really excited for is november. seeing mayer hawthorne and j cole in the same month!!!! but in ladies he said he doesn't fuck with anything younger than the 80s. oh well. jk.. i'll never be a groupie!!! maybe for blu but that's all.. and bow wow. jk..

i love this weather!!!!! too bad i have to spend it inside studying.

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