Oct 16, 2010

too blessed to be stressed

i must be bipolar. haha.

i love knowing i can come to you, and you, and you, and you, and you... i hate that it takes times like these for me to realize how lucky i am, but while i'm realizing it right now i just wanted to say thanks. thank you to my amazing supportive family who, though joke around 99%, really do love me so unbelievably unconditionally that my heart's about to explode right now. (pls dont!)

and fat thank you to one of my best friends. you always know how to make me laugh.

life, tho we had a tiny fall out.. i stumbled on a couple reasons to remind me why i'm so in love with you. so blessed.

1 comment:

Stace said...

i love the title, "too blessed to be stressed". amen to that.