Oct 16, 2010

her wings

She walk like she got headphones, rockin Aretha
Lady of light, type you like to speak to

Hard to read, sort of speaks like a drink of water
Far from a leaf though it’s hard being the king’s daughter
Not really into order but her expectations call for a man to be strong
Plus patience, see you can admire the flower
But understand, you dealing with a woman in a higher power
And my father in Heaven musta gave her the Earth
Cuz the money don’t impress me, yo she knows what she's worth
And she knows rebirth, she can feel it
Went through too much hurt to conceal it

It’s not what she say, it’s the way she reveals it
And now the world wanna steal it
That spirit in which her body’s a home to
Sorry world, she’s outgrown you

Outta the gates to the wild blue
Sky’s too great, she gotta escape, fly through
With a smile too, kinda remind you
You gotta look ahead and not behind you
She said starin at the sun won’t blind you
It’s just a lie used by the world to confine you

But I know a place they won’t find you
And if you believe, you can fly like I do

Absolutely beautiful, the type that make you feel unsuitable
She’s uncommon, ain’t nothing about her usual
If you’da known her before the transition
You’d be amazed by the change man, listen
She used to go from this one to that one
To feel complete, she looked for men to make it happen
Until she started askin, if all things in this world should pass
Show me somethin that’s everlastin

That’s when she met true love, not the word but the action
Takin her to way back when she was Eve in the garden of Eden
Before the apple was eaten, before she used to be the Queen of Clubs
Now it seems she’s a wild card, born again, child of God
With a style a little odd for any normal man to marry
But she fits in just fine with the revolutionaries

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