Oct 17, 2010


"Hard to earn, easy to lose. And once it’s gone, it never returns. Some say that it can be earned again, but I think the level of trust once had can never really be regained. A new trust can be built, sure, but there’s always going to be doubts here and there. It’s never going to be as strong as the first one. Why is it so hard to maintain it? Maybe I’m just irreparable, but I’ve never really trusted anyone wholeheartedly. I always have walls up. Shit, I hardly trust myself at times… I just want to know that I can trust someone with all my shit, but so far no luck. The walls I’ve built up are for my own protection, but more often than not they feel like a prison. They might be for my benefit, but at what cost? I’m unhappy."

via thenativetongue

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