Oct 17, 2010

my 4am mind

technically 3:47 but who cares about the details, it's 4 am! i seem to only ever blog at around 3/4 am in the morning unless i'm overly depressed or ecstatic. 4am seems to be the only hour of the day that i'm pretty sane.. well, as sane as i'll ever be.

i don't know what it is about this guy, kinda late but i only found out about him yesterday. aside from the fact that he's canadian, (from the songs i've heard) i think it's admirable that i haven't heard a swear word yet. except for this song.. but he apologizes for it. haha.

also.. earlier, i was listening to christina aguilera songs. i fuckin' love her. she is so vocally talented and watching videos with choreography made me smile. then i stumbled across the moulin rouge video. i love the whole burlesque theme of it. so sexy.

i read a story tonight called the communist. i dont know. i found it odd.

good night.

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