Dec 31, 2010

Carpe Annum

^ translation : seize the year.

for me, 2011 wont be about creating a new me but rather growing as the person i already am by loving more, crying less and just plain enjoying/appreciating everything that's laid out in front of me. i have an amazing family and friends that, though show it in funny ways, love me as much as i love them or maybe even more :')

2010 was a really good year and if 2011 could bring me half the joy that 2010 has brought me, i'd be okay with that.

it's crazy how quickly time flies. i'm turning 20 next year.. wowza!! i'm growing up to be a woman :') haha.

to all those who have made 2010 what it was. thanks! see you in the new year.

^those are just some pictures of the past year. i got a little lazy so.. oh well. haha.


Stace said...

Carpe Annum, i like that :) I've heard almost everyone talk about becoming someone new or like you said, "creating a new me" but like you I'd like to grow as the person I already am. Love this post.

Stace said...

We've already gone through a stage of identity crisis as an adolescent but we're young adults now. :) This year is the first year I haven't made a list of resolutions. Just in 2011, live life like it's golden!

Same here, I don't comment on every post but I do read your blog. I love your blog because I can definitely relate to some. I like reading your similar or new experiences. It's eye opening to readers.

It actually means a lot to me that you're saying that and that someone besides myself can see that I'm happier than before. So thanks, a whole bunch!