Dec 30, 2010

cayce and jarell

these two boys are ... hm. yea.. that's a pretty accurate description.

anyway, i clicked on the 'new post' with a different thought in mind, not to say that these boys aren't worth writing about cus i really should make a blog or youtube channel about their daily lives haha but i decided to post because of the word sorry.

these kids are such trouble makers, there is never a day here where one of them doesn't end up crying because of the other and every single time we make them say sorry. we make them say it, but never stop to think if they really mean it or if they're just saying it to get it over with. we'd like to think they mean it but chances are, it's the latter. and that's exactly how we grew up, saying things we didn't mean and doing things we didn't feel like doing just to get the approval of other people or to get to that freedom that came from it afterwards. we learned that repressing our feelings was okay and lying guaranteed freedom. food for thought huh?

maybe next time i won't force it on them to say words they probably don't even mean and i'll do my best to do the same.

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