Dec 30, 2010

DOMS, thanks cypress!

on the 28th i got a text from sheila that read "come snowboarding today!" being the turtle that i am, i declined the offer because i really wanted to stay home and do nothing. oh and along with nothing, i wanted to finish up crying, i watched marley and me that morning and my eyes were like water faucets set on full speed. i've never even had a dog and i felt owen wilson's pain, probably even more!

anyway, it was sheila.. so she convinced me with the words "cmon the best things in life are never planned" which is pretty true so i gave in and got ready to go. two things i remembered on the way to sheila's house were that i didn't sleep at all the night before and didn't eat anything before leaving. silly me.

we got there and i was nervous really nervous. the last time i went before the 28th was 6/7 years ago so i was sure i would wipe out every other minute. surprisingly i only fell 3/4 times? which is way less than i expected.

two negative things came of my little snowboarding trip tho
1. i didn't take benedryl before going so i got hives all over. damn you cold urticaria! probably wasn't the wisest of ideas to go up into the mountains if i'm allergic to the cold but it was just so damn tempting.
2. DOMS - delayed onset of muscle soreness. self explanatory.
.. other than those two things (plus being broke now) i had a really good time.

^ me and sheilala on the mountains. i wish i had a picture of the view at night. stomps on burnaby mountain or prospect point's views.

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