Jan 5, 2011

false advertisment

(vent post)

so every morning i do the usual walk to the kitchen, check the fridge and freezer then usually find something to eat. if not, i fry some eggs and have that shit over rice and soy sauce mmmmmm... anyway there was always a box of waffles (the kind you just toast & then you're good to go) in the freezer and i would always tell myself 'tomorrow i'll have some waffles' that's been going on for a week or so already. today was that tomorrow. so i grabbed the box and realize it's EMPTY just empty. there has been a box in the freezer for i don't even know how long with nothing inside it. oh man.

i'm not actually mad tho. i just really wanted waffles today haha.


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John Ray Catingub said...

That happened to me last week. Turned out Roy finished all the waffles in one night. D: