Jan 4, 2011


just had a really heated conversation with my mom and lola about my future. i suggested i go down one path and they suggested i go down another (my grandma is set on shipping me off to the philippines so that i have no distractions) and it's just so frustrating because really.. i have no fucking idea what it is exactly that i want to do. i know that i'm about 2 years out of high school and a normal person would be graduating in another two but when have i ever been normal? ever since i was a baby i liked to do things at my own pace, sometimes faster than others and sometimes slower but in the end, i was still happy. i'm not saying i want to drop out of school and become a nun or anything but i just need some space to breathe, and i need the satisfaction of knowing i'm not wasting money on shit courses just to say i'm "in school". i actually fuckin applaud those who take time off school to figure out what they want to do first i think it takes a lot of balls..... but i've got none, and i'm conforming to the desires of my mom/family/who ever

see you jan 10 langara.

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jusMElissa said...

fuck normal. normal is boring. besides, your life is playing out this way for a reason. dont worry so much!