Jan 3, 2011

jarell's pool party

today was jarell's pool party at watermania. it was pretty fun and i think the kids really enjoyed themselves, one thing i noticed was an old man.. in the kiddie pool with no kids. he was just there, sitting, looking around. i've never felt so creeped out in my life, mind you, he probably wasn't even looking at me because i'm not actually a kid but still........ that's ridiculously pervy. i'm pretty sure there wasn't only one of him, i felt the presence of another in the steam room. barf.
anyway, jarell's spiderman themed birthday party was super cute and the kids had lots of fun in the pool. i love that they put up basketball hoops in the actual pool (not that i can actually play basketball but it's fun to pretend!)  i can't believe baby boy is already 3 years old!! time flieeeeeeeeeeees

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