Feb 12, 2011

bunny faced

okay so.. ouch.

i dont even know if i wana post a before and after picture anymore haha!
(partly because i look like a beat up chipmunk/ my face is in the shape of a pear and partly because i'm too lazy to go all the way to get my camera from the car haha. maybe i'll re-edit this post with the pictures in it later.. maybe.)

yesterday was kind of hell! i wasn't allowed to eat or drink past midnight on the 10th so by the time i got to the doctors office at 11 in the morning all i could think about was food.. seriously. especially lindt chocolate and how smooth/ creamy it was as soon as you popped it in your mouth.. mm.. and it didn't help that the doctor was running behind by like an hour!!!

the procedure was quick tho. i was put to sleep,  thank goodness, if i was awake and under anesthetic alone i would have fainted anyway. i woke up with the worst taste in my mouth.. i really really wanted to throw up. i can handle the sight/smell of blood, puke, dog shit (not baby shit tho.. that shit is beyond nasty. rotten milk!!! haha) but the TASTE of blood... no fricken thank you. i was gagging like hell and the dental assistant's face was like o_O. the sucky thing was that i couldn't even explain myself at all because my whole everything was swollen. i tried saying "i feel like throwing up" but i think it came out as a muffled sound, kind of like what you sound like when you try to talk underwater.. (unless no one else has tried that.. then nvm haha.)

anyway, a tip to anyone getting their wisdom teeth removed, or any teeth actually: lather up your lips with lip balm/ vaseline/ whatever.. i didn't know my lips would swell up as big as they did. they cracked like a mothafucka and now i look like i got beat up instead of having my teeth removed! the weird thing is my lips were swollen but my upper lip was only swollen on the sides so the middle was a lot higher up. if that makes any sense..... if not, then here's what i looked/look like:
(swollen bottom half of the face, lips only swollen on the two sides, middle of the lip bearing my bunny teeth!!! i guess i look like a bunny hehe.)

i spent the entire day watching criminal minds (yay for marathons) then watching the food network after that.. which was so cruel to myself because i wanted to hop into the screen and eat like everything from 'diners, drive ins and dives.'

f whoever said that it doesn't hurt tho. my mouth is extremely sore!!!

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