Feb 11, 2011

k so, this will be my last post before dooms day. 

haha okay, not actually dooms day but i'm getting my teeth pulled tomorrow.. (well today at 11am.) i've never been scared to go to the dentist but from the stories i've heard from people who have had their wisdom teeth out, i feel like hiding under my covers until my dentist is forced to reschedule the extraction of my beautiful wisdom teeth :'( ....too bad they're not actually beautiful. those buggers are pushing my teeth in towards each other because my jaw isn't big enough to accommodate 4 extra teeth :( 

i'll bring my camera and take a before and after shot. i'm hoping i don't end up like david..

but if i do & my mom catches it on tape.... then i'll probably post that on here too haha. no. maybe. we'll see.

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