Oct 2, 2011

Julie, Julia & Maria?

.. haha okay it has no ring to it.

I'm currently watching Julie & Julia for the first time and its got me to thinking, I really should start learning how to cook. I'm 20 years old with lots of experience eating but not too much experience on the cooking ends of things. Well.. I'm not that bad, I know how to do the basics (hot dogs, eggs, instant noodles haha), but I really should learn to make real meals. In my defence, I've been asking my lola to teach me how to make adobo but she always makes it before I'm home. The very lady that tells me that I wont get married if I don't know how to cook. Hm... maybe she doesn't want me to get married after all *shifty eyes*

I'll try to cook some things but knowing me and my self diagnosed ADD, I probably will do one post on it then move on to something else. Well at least I tried.. right? haha.

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