Oct 9, 2012

Cali pics

I've thought about writing this post for over a month but never really got around to it. I'm not even that busy. I had the most amazing time in Cali.. Girl friends, good vibes, and good music.... if blogspot had emoticons I'd choose that A-okay/ perfection one, you know, the one with the pointer and the thumb touching while the other 3 are straight up? haha. yea anyway.... here it is:

I haven't even uploaded Cali pics on to facebook yet, that's how big of a procrastinator I am.. I blame my slow internet. I swear I've tried 4 times but it always cuts off. ugh. FWP.

(it irks me that the pictures aren't nicely aligned but I can't fix it cus I don't know how anymore haha)

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