Sep 22, 2013

hello hello hello (echoes) ...

I miss blogging!

In a nutshell: 
1. I love school! 
Really really never thought I would say that but I'm in a program I'm actually interested in with classmates who are hilarious and definitely addicted to caffine - like me! (especially the hilarious part) hehe.

2. I love cookies! 
I'm so excited for up and coming cake and cookie projects. I could spend hours just sitting in the kitchen trying perfecting a gum paste flower or being in bed on researching just about everything there is to know about cookies, cakes, and cupcakes! I have yet to create the perfect consistency for royal icing... but it will come. Practice makes perfect. 

3. I love
I'm in love..... :) 

I'll definitely make an effort to post more often! miss you guys xoxo (that's me talking to my pretend blog fans. hahahahaha.) 

1 comment:

jusMElissa said...

your 1 blog fan! hahahaha