Sep 26, 2013

tin is sick for the billionth time

I've been sick lately. For those that have known me all my life, being sick is probably in the top 10 things used to describe me, other than not knowing when to shut up and a little too whiny .. but whateverz!

Because of the commute to school every morning, let me tell you.. being sick on public transit is no joke. I don't know what it is about people that take public transit (other than myself of course lolol) but they all stank!! and its not like a regular b.o. it's like body odour + the smell of wet clothes that you left in the washing machine over a long period of time after the wash cycle ended.. you know?! but whateverz again. If I puke on someone on the way to school, it's really not my fault. I'm not the one that made you stinky in the first place.

The nice thing about being sick this time is that lovebug was sick too. Not with the same sickness.. I think him and Francis secretly make out or something cus they both got sore throats and runny noses. hmm hmm hmm.. but anyway, yep we had a nice 12hr day of straight sleeping. Like seriously we woke up at 7 pm.. did our own thang then met up again at 9 to watch (ACTUALLY WATCH ON TV NOT STREAM IT LATER) the new episodes of Mindy and New Girl! Probably a once in a lifetime thing but oh well, it was nice.

My stomach no longer feels like I got punched and wanna puke my guts out anymore, more of a after the punch bruise or something.. so that's good, right? haha.

I haven't been able to take pictures of anything on my phone lately because all I've been doing is sleeping, eating, bugging sean, and going to school so here's a picture of me in the school elevator doing a peace sign and duck face cus that's what's hot right?

........ lol.

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