Aug 25, 2010


a friend asked me if i was happy with the life i was living right now.. i could have pulled the usual "i love where i am today because ... bs bs bs" but i didn't. i figured she was a close enough friend that i didn't have to hide the way i felt.

so i said no.
then she said why?

i think my reasons came up to three main things:
1. my lack of motivation
2. lack of a boyfriend (lol.. i'll explain)
3. my lack of real friendships

i want to be motivated and persistent in my weight goals actually, i'd rather say health goals. i don't want to be as thin as a stick but i want to be at a healthy weight that i would feel good about myself or maybe it's more about my self esteem. i don't know. i want to be more motivated!

the lack of a boyfriend thing isn't because i actually want a boyfriend.. i just want someone to show to my family so they stop bugging me about getting one. lol.. okay and maybe someone to whisper sweet nothings into my ear. hahaha. jk.

i want more friends that i would be able to .. count on? or something like that. i don't know how to explain it. i have very few ride or die type friends but too many hang out buddies. i want some deeper shit.

other than those reasons, my life is a-okay!


cas said...

Lack of a boyfriend.. Because your parents want you to have one?! Hahaha mine are so opposite!!

Btw thanks I was pretty satisfied with that outfit. It did the job lol

aalegro said...

for the last one...
maybe you should let people in sometimes. it's kind of hard to find true friends when you look for them amongst your current hang-out pals.

aalegro said...

and boyfriends are kind of overrated =) goodluck in your pursuit to happines.


i completely agree about the letting people in tip but that ties back to my motivation to work out/ increasing my self esteem. baby steps!