Jul 28, 2011

work hard, play harder

.. is a phrase i don't apply in my life but i feel that i should start.

i feel like i've been working a lot lately and also, have been keeping up with school so i feel like i should get my ass out of my house and play a little. y'know what they say "all work and no play makes jack a dull boy" except i'm not a boy and my name's not jack but you get it.

honestly tho, i feel like i could even work a little harder in school. instead of merely keeping up, i should aim to excell in whatever i'm doing. i'm pretty happy tho, cus i think i've decided what i want to do with my future!! (but that's off topic) so if i work even harder in school, i'll have more of a reason to play even harder.

anyway, point of this post is to remind myself to go out and play a little, 'cus i think my brain is turning into mush.

.. i don't even know what i mean when i say play. lol. hopefully it'll come to me.

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